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TL;DR: I am a NYC-based actor/creator. Here is a downloadable resume.

Hello again! 🙋🏻 I am Timmy Ong (he/him/his), an actor, singer, musician, dancer, choreographer, writer, and budding filmmaker based in New York City.

As an actor, I am interested in material that intersects race, class, sex and gender, and roles that make me examine my intersectionality, positionality, and personhood. I enjoy developing new material, and am fortunate to have originated roles in theater and MT!

As a writer/creator, I am interested in cross- and multi-disciplinary work, blending text, music, dance and more to tell a story. I enjoy creating site-specific work, and am open to new collaborations in NYC!


My 'Origin' Story


I was born and raised in Malaysia, and hold a Bachelor of Technology in Information Communication & Technology (ICT) from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, which gave me the ability to build this website.

Before I moved to NYC, I worked in the corporate world for six years, four of which for PETRONAS, Malaysia's homegrown multinational energy company, and then two years in the administration of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.

All that time, I worked part-time in theatre: performing, teaching, writing and producing my own work. I also continually took classes to upskill myself. I eventually began transitioning from theatre into film and TV, before quitting my job to pursue the performing arts full-time.

I believe in the power of formal education before launching into a new field, and therefore enrolled myself in The MFA in Acting program under The New School of Drama, from which I graduated in May 2022! 👨🏻‍🎓 I am now a full-time working artist in New York City, and I love it!

My journey in the arts is an important story to tell because it informs my tenacity and work ethics, as well as gives me a unique lens to the arts and larger show business.

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